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Blue Ribbon Services

Blue Ribbon Bulletins offers a range of technical and consultative services. Email to set up a free initial consultation about your online needs.

Web design and maintenance

Blue Ribbon Bulletins can create an attractive, easy to use web page for your organization, or contract with you for site management.

Most Blue Ribbon projects include an easy to use content management system: Log in through your web browser, flip through your site's pages, and change the text and images right in your browser.

Project Management

A web redesign project can be a major undertaking. While web designers can work very quickly, delays in the redesign process usually arise from planning, gathering, and coordinating content from various stakeholders in your organization.

Even if you work with another web designer, Blue Ribbon Bulletins can coordinate and manage your redesign effort.

RFP Preparation and Proposal Review

You can hire Blue Ribbon Bulletins to write an RFP for your project and/or review proposals and advise you on choosing a contractor.